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Singer and songwriter Sophia Marie is a Los Angeles native and recent graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service who will be attending the University of Oxford this fall for her graduate studies. Harboring various passions, she finds herself oscillating (often rather chaotically) between many different realms: her major in International Politics, her authorship of creative works, and her love for acting in addition to her music.

Sophia often feels like an ambitious, lust-for-life, nomadic kind of girl without a particular direction, one who doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do or who she wants to be or where she wants to end up, and her storytelling reflects that indecisiveness, that impulsiveness, that desire to do everything while she’s young. Drawing from her identity as a self-proclaimed “hopeless romantic,” Sophia has a penchant for romanticizing historical figures and events, contemporary lovers, and foreign cities, weaving in the story of her West Coast roots in sunny Los Angeles, her university life in the political and cosmopolitan mecca that is Washington D.C., and her role as an expatriate in foreign cities.

In her music, Sophia's sheer vulnerability stands out, with witty lyrics and asides giving comedic, realist commentary on the different places and situations she finds herself in. She is a girl still very much figuring it all out, the kind of crazy soul who seeks out every opportunity and every emotion life can offer. A wildness that sometimes contradicts her inexperienced and naive demeanor, a romanticism that contradicts her occasional feelings of disillusionment, and a performative personality that often contradicts her desire for authenticity.

Sophia Marie emerged onto the music scene January of 2022, premiering her autobiographical debut single "Venice Beach to D.C." with Hollywood Life. Two months later in March, she released her debut EP "Foreigner" and followed with two subsequent singles: the London-inspired "What A Waste" in April and the satirical, upbeat "Menace in Venice" in May. She premiered her debut official music video for her first single "Venice Beach to D.C." with Psychedelic Baby Magazine in May. March 2023, she released her sophomore EP “the expatriate, (immortalized)” with the singles “femme fatale,” “could i be your muse,” and “your songs are shit!” inspired by her travels studying abroad. She is currently finalizing her most recent project, a music video for her DC-dating-scene-inspired “Narcissist.”

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